Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going from 'Live' Radio Show to 'Live' Event

Things have not come fast nor easy as I begin this new decade. Free time has been hard to come by. I have started two blogs since my last entry and I have been unable to finish off either. Seems silly to now post a new year's resolution-esque blog.

My thoughts and energies have been concentrated on opening up revenue streams which will allow me sustain myself. This long-lasting drought of revenue streams is now going to get some much needed water. It would be great if the water came pouring in the way it is right now on Los Angeles. (For the first time ever, I saw at least a dozen cars pulled over within a quarter mile of one another on the 405 last night. Los Angeles folks do not know how to drive in the rain. Or should I say they do not know how to drive period? )

I would like to mention that John Keating, Gregor Collins, Richard Jacob, Michael Shaun Sandy, Thomas Corkran and myself had a great time at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema where Night Before the Wedding was showcased. Idyllwild is a gem of a town. We were embraced with open arms by the many gracious locals. I certainly want to thank Stephen Savage, Julia Countryman, Ashley and Traci for being such wonderful hosts. And a special thanks to Filmmaker Phil Calderone who made it all possible for us.

Thomas Corkran, David Branin, Michael Shaun Sandy, Gregor Collins, John Keating

To see all of our Idyllwild photos, please click HERE

Our next screening of Night Before the Wedding is going to be on Thursday February 11th in Orlando, Florida at the Enzian Theater. Please visit www.NightBeforeTheWedding for details.

Lastly, Karen and I are extremely excited to announce what we are calling the Film Courage Interactive which is set to be a monthly event at the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles. We believe it will serve as an extension to our show and provide us the opportunity to bring filmmakers together on a consistent basis. Our aim is to build up the appetite for smaller films along with building up the community itself. Karen and I feel grateful that we are in a good position to unite filmmakers and that is what we intend to do. I believe the event will be inspiring for many and I envision a new synergy will come out of it that is desperately needed. This is something that is certainly going to evolve over time. That makes it quite thrilling.

The Downtown Independent

The plan is host the Film Courage Interactive the last Monday of each month. Our first one is this Monday January 25th at the Downtown Independent (which is a gorgeous venue) from 7pm to 11pm. The event will showcase an independent feature film, Q&A with the filmmaker, and then a group meet & greet with various indie heads.

The first film we are going to showcase is Jake Barsha's EUGENE. For more information you can visit either page below.

Facebook Event Page

Downtown Independent Event Page

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