Saturday, May 2, 2009

Film Courage Radio now on YouTube!!!

I have now started a 'Film Courage' Radio Show You Tube page. The aim is to provide a 'snippet' of each week's show mixed in with some still photography. This will help you put more of a visual on what each guest is saying.

Our first version of this with HollyShorts C0-Founders Daniel Sol and Theo Dumont is now online. Would love your feedback.

For full interview, visit
LA Talk Radio's 'Film Courage' hosted by David Branin and Karen Worden
Film Interview that Inspire, now also available for full download on iTunes.

HOLLYSHORTS ON THE RADIO! Fest Organizers Theo Dumont and Daniel Sol break news about their Webisode submission launch. To submit your Webisode or Short Film to HollyShorts, visit today!

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