Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have been battling sickness for the past week. Though it is not the swine flu, it certainly has me operating way under 100 percent.

Cast and Crew of Knuckle Draggers attending the Newport Beach Film Festival

I had been anticipating going to Paul J. Alessi's World Premiere of Knuckle Draggers down at the Newport Beach Film Festival. And when the time came, I could barely move. It really angers me that I was not able to attend the screening.

Somehow Karen and I were able to do our Film Courage Radio Show the day before. Turned out to be a compelling interview with Filmmaker Jose Zambrano Cassella who called in from his home-base near Orlando, Florida. Our show is now available on iTunes where it is easy to subscribe. You can also listen to it here,

(We have some great guests booked in the upcoming weeks. Filmmaker Dale Stelly, Filmmaker Joseph F. Alexandre, Filmmaker Gary King, and Filmmakers Jamin and Kiowa Winans)

Things have quieted down some, though that does not mean my work has stopped. In the next two weeks or so, we will receive notification from the Los Angeles Film Festival and Dances With Films (two LA based film festivals) on whether Night Before the Wedding was accepted.

In the meantime, I helped my close friend Brian Durkin on a short film of his entitled, Mind Over Matter Man. I am also helping him on his second short film which we will be filming in the next couple of days.

I am also contemplating an Exploratory, Experimental, Improv Feature Film.

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