Sunday, January 11, 2009

Almost done editing or maybe not?

It was back in November when I declared "Night Before the Wedding" to be 'picture locked.' This is a term that refers to stage in the editing process where all visual edits are done and have been approved. From there it is time for the film to move onto the next stages of post-production.

It was in that 'picture lock' phase that I realized that there was a 4-6 minute stretch of the film that I was just not happy with. This past Friday, I was finally able to sit back in with our new Editor and one of the film's producers in our first attempt to shore up the weakest area of the film. We spent a good seven hours focused on enhancing that part of the movie. After giving it the weekend to breathe, I will be back to take a fresh look at the film in the morning.

This has been a very nervous period for me. We submitted a 'working title' to the SXSW Film Festival back in December. Decisions for that festival will be made over the next month. But aside from that, I have attempted to gain some feedback from various industry people who really do not know me or anyone involved in the film. Yet that unattached feedback has yet to come my way. It seems with each day that I am up and down with my feelings towards the film.

From those who know me and have seen the film, the sentiment has been mixed. Most speak favorably towards the film which can be expected. Maybe they do not want to hurt my feelings or whatever. There are also a few who feel that it didn't meet their expectations and are more negative towards it. Seems like I may really have a polarizing film here. I wouldn't mind that at all. 'The Blair Witch Project' was quite a polarizing film and was a tremendous success.

I am just hoping that people will connect with this film, find it entertaining and take something away from it. That's probably how a lot of artists feel about their work. The time is truly coming where people will begin to see this film and critique it. Editing is nearing to a close. The film will officially reach 'picture lock' very soon.

Before it does, I am strongly considering a test screening of random strangers. I will keep you posted on whether that comes to fruition or not.

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