Friday, January 23, 2009

The Waiting Game

It's Friday morning. A little wet and murky here in Los Angeles. It is not until tomorrow where I will reconnect with my editor to put in some more touches on Night Before the Wedding. In my estimation, I have one more good editing session left or possibly two if the session runs short. From there I will picture-lock the film and concentrate on the color, sound-design and music.

This year's Sundance Film Festival is coming to a close on Sunday. I imagine soon after that the SXSW Film Festival will begin notifying it's filmmakers who's in and who's out. I submitted a 'work in progress' of NBTW to SXSW just before their December deadline. It is a festival that holds the distinction as the #2 independent film festival here in the US behind Sundance.

My previous 'festival' films never got into the major festivals. (Though I never submitted to all of them.) So more than anything, I am curious, no not curious. I can't say 'I want' either because when you say you 'want' something, you'll never get it. You'll just 'want it' forever. Let me say this, I have put a lot of sweat in, a lot of energy and time. I know how much my work has matured. I know this latest film isn't perfect. I know I have more to learn. Yet I believe this is a Top 10 Film Festival product. That is my belief. I have been studying these kinds of works for the past few years. Many of them have their flaws just as my film has it's flaws.

My film very well may be rejected. But unlike a lot of my fellow filmmakers out there, I do not expect it to get rejected. I expect it to get accepted. I'll leave it at that for now.

With that, I will be spending time today working on the 'beat sheet' for my next project. It's an idea I have been writing ideas for since April of 2008, maybe even before that. The full story is coming into focus. More on this project to come.

To my fellow filmmakers and artists, I would like to pass on this article, “Hope For The Future: Filmmaker and Exhibitor Collaboration” which was written by Ted Hope and published on indieWIRE. It is followed by commentary from Four-Eyed Monsters Filmmaker Arin Crumley. This is an article I have already read twice and will probably read a few more times.

Ted Hope also writes a tremendously informative blog that is worth subscribing to entitled Truly Free Film

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