Sunday, January 18, 2009

Film Acquisition - Night Before the Wedding

Where did I leave off? Yes, I had mentioned that I finally had received some industry feedback from Mark Stolaroff, the founder of 'No Budget Film School.' Read More.

The next night I held a private test screening of Night Before the Wedding. What kind of feedback are we getting? To be honest, it is mixed. Looks like this film will have it's lovers as well as it's haters. I can say that the film is screening pretty well. Many scenes get some great reactions. There are moments that are consistently funny. Overall the second half of the film continues to rate very high. As can be expected, some people are coming in with certain expectations for the film and that is affecting their outlook after they view it.

I am back to putting the finishing polish to the film in the editing room. I am doing my best to trim it down even further and to smooth over trouble areas. I am thankful I have had the luxury to screen it in front of a live audience and gain their feedback. To all of you who have contributed your time to this process, I thank you immensely. It is invaluable and I believe it is leading the film towards being the best film it can be.

I started this posting today because I wanted to mention that we have received our first 'film acquisition' email. I am sure we will be receiving quite a few of these requests for screeners from various distribution companies. It is great to see that though we have not released any video of our film, there are those out there who are interested in taking a look.

Now to those of you who may be concerned that we are going to make an abrupt distribution decision. Please do not worry. We are going to do our due diligence investigating and researching any company who intends on distributing our film. You never know, we may have to choose a similar path as Lance Hammer, director of the Sundance darling, Ballast as noted in this article, Lance Hammer tries Self Distribution. Something we are not directly opposed to.

Movie Trailer to Lance Hammer's Ballast

Regardless, film is not all the way completed yet. So no screeners are going out to Producer's Reps at this time.

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