Thursday, January 1, 2009

The New Year Has Begun

You know what, I am starting today's blog with no specific agenda. We have now moved into 2009 and I want to begin this year with a posting. So I am just going to write with a free conscious and we will see what ends up on this page. If you are feeling courageous, maybe you will walk with me on this journey of the mind.

My first thoughts on 2009 do not have to do with the pursuit of my film goals, rather they are on the world economy and more of course what is going to happen here in the U.S. The outlook for many is mixed. With President Obama preparing to begin his candidacy, most are optimistic about 2009 and beyond. Many talking heads on television believe we will bury this recession and move back towards prosperity. That is one side. There are also murmurs of the United States going into a Depression.

I am certainly feeling the crunch of the economic times. Work at my day job slowed considerably this past year. One of my priorities in this new year is to find steady stable work or at least new streaming income. Attempting to balance earning an income and having enough time and energy to pursue my creative ambitions has always been the most challenging feat for me here in Los Angeles. I begin this year feeling the stress of balancing both worlds as much as I ever have.

And here I am, moving toward completing my first feature film. Without any complications, Night Before the Wedding will be completed in the upcoming weeks. The burden of finishing it will be lifted and replaced with the task of garnering interest and marketing the film, which is the phase where careers are made or lost.

Okay, maybe that is a little too melodramatic, yet it is the state of delirium I am in. I feel that we have made an impressive film. It is easily the best work I have done to date. The time is coming where I will see where it stands and at the same time where I stand as someone who yearns to make films for a living.

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