Monday, February 2, 2009

Fighting Back Against SXSW, Part 1

This blog is quickly gaining it's fair share of readers which I am really glad to see. I even have my first 'Follower.' Thank you Brian for your courage and support. I know a lot of you are tuning into the blog right now because you are anticipating my thoughts on Jamin Winan's, INK, which I had the opportunity to see this past Thursday night at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Believe me, Jamin's new film is worth the word of mouth it is going to get. I will have my thoughts posted a little later today.

I find myself back at this computer early in the morning typing up this post. I got a few hours of sleep and then was tossing and turning. I do have a lot to get to today so it is good to get an early start. I can also mention that I came across the full SXSW Film Festival Feature Schedule late last night before going to bed. Don't want you to worry about me. I am fine with my film not getting into this festival. (I sent an unfinished version of my film just before the festival's deadline. Even if it was finished I had a 8 in 737 chance of getting in.) But even knowing that, doesn't mean I am not going to fight back. My mind isn't focused on the things that cannot be done, it is focused on the things that can be done.

I stated in my previous post that I was going to begin sharing some of my ideas of what I was going to do following my SXSW rejection. Just because it will not be seen at that festival isn't going to stop me from getting it seen. When I thought about the reasons why I was targeting this festival, one great reason is the opportunity for press that SXSW films receive. The more people aware of my film, Night Before the Wedding, the more who will see it. Obviously this is a great opportunity lost on my part and maybe on your part.

Or maybe not. You see, as I thought about my lost opportunity of press, I said to myself, "Just because my film didn't get in, doesn't mean I have to lose that press." I will state here that I believe in my film, and I believe that it compares favorably to the films that were accepted into SXSW. So I am going to compile a list of everyone I can that covers the festival. Whether they be Bloggers, Indie Critics, Professional Critics, whoever. I am going to get these same critics that write about and cover the SXSW Film Festival to write about Night Before the Wedding as close to the festival dates as I can.

Maybe you can help me in my quest. If you know of any media that covers the festival, please add their info to this blog. Let's build this together.

I will get it started. Yes, I mean business.

Film School Rejects (
Neil Miller,

Spout Blog (
Karina Longworth,

The Playlist (

Slash Film ( (
Contact page,

This is going to be fun. I am looking forward to building this list. I am even more excited to share the results of this action sometime in the near future with you.

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