Saturday, February 7, 2009

True Courage

On a day where I was struggling with my own courage, it was very uplifting to see a short documentary on TOMS Shoes which stands for 'Shoes for Tomorrow'. What is so special about this shoe company? For every shoe that is purchased, TOMS gives one pair of shoes to a child in need. One for one.

This is the radical idea that TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie came up with. To date they have stuck to their promise, giving away 115,000 pairs of shoes from October of 2006 to December of 2008. The company plans to give away 200,000 this year.

Here is a short form video version of the one I saw last night at the HollyShorts Monthy Screening Series.

I have a similar ambition heading into my next project after Night Before the Wedding. Though my focus is to tell entertaining stories, I also have a hunger to make a difference in this world. I hope I can continue to dig within myself to find the courage to carry me through.

I commend you Blake, and the great people you have around you. You are an inspiration and a display true courage.

For more information on TOMS Shoes and their mission, please visit

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