Sunday, February 15, 2009

I need a Web Designer, Craigslist, and other News

This was a week where I had thoughts for various blogs, yet there were things in my life that I had to tend to, so I didn't end up posting any of those thoughts. Those thoughts included one of my most depressing days in a long time. I am now picking myself back up and moving forward.

At the Top of the List is my quest for a Web Designer. I am actively seeking someone who can help me transform the site to my first feature film, Night Before the Wedding ( My quest is becoming slightly frustrating with four straight posts REMOVED from CRAIGSLIST. I wish I knew what the exact problem was with my posting. I will post it here, if you can help me solve this riddle it would be a huge help.

Web Designer for Film Website

We are in the process of completing our first feature film entitled "Night Before the Wedding."

There have been quite a few changes we have been looking to make to the site for a while now. It is many months outdated. We are looking to work out a situation with a Web-Designer where instead of receiving direct payment, we would promote your page via a link on the bottom of every page of the site. We would also like to find additional creative ways to promote your work.

Let us know if you are interested and want to talk further. Connecting with a cool web designer who can get this work done would be a big blessing in our life. We would love to work with a web designer that we can fully promote. We will persistently promote your services. We are open to collaboration.

I hate seeing this post get flagged and removed again and again. Especially because Night Before the Wedding is on pace to be completed in the next two weeks. We then move into our Promotional/Marketing/Distribution phase. And getting our website to where it needs to be is crucial in this process. So if you or someone you know can help us in any way, please contact us at

On the good side of life, I would like to report that I helped a close friend of mine shoot his first short film. He is amazingly bright and talented. We had some good fun spending a full day bringing his vision to life. It was shot with three actors, no budget, and no equipment. It was a unique experience for me as I was the cinematographer. An area of filmmaking I strive to improve upon. No question I have lots to learn there. Cinematography takes such brilliance and it is an aspect of film that is so under appreciated.

Quick Quiz, Name 3 directors who's work you are fond of...Now name 3 cinematographers who's work you admire. I say 95% of the people who read this will only be able to answer the first half of this quiz.

I would also like to note that I will be posting a behind the scenes video of NBTW tomorrow morning on YouTube. It will give you a great sense of what the overall vibe was like to be on the set of our movie. I believe you will enjoy the video, though it will be difficult to see a few areas of the video. After a week online, I will look to add it to other video upload sites that offer better quality.

On tap for this week, I will be meeting with my Colorist and my Sound Designer. I am also looking to hold a "Distribution" meeting with my NBTW Team. Distribution in the Independent Film World is as challenging as it has ever been. Studio Films are having a difficult time getting the public to take an interest in their films, sure you can imagine what it is like for those films out there like ours. It is up to us to create our own buzz and so that is what we will have to do.

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