Monday, March 23, 2009

Hunting for a Web Designer

For a few months now I have made substandard attempts to find a new Web Designer for

Well, now it has gotten more urgent, so as in basketball...I am putting on the Full Court Press. Looking to turn momentum in our favor.

I have to find someone who is a talented Web Designer that is willing to work in a barter arrangement where me and my team promote the heck out of their services and they provide us a sleek, attractive, functional website.

We have a filmmaker now working on the Official Trailer. (More to come on him soon) We also have our fair share of press that is soon going to be making it's way back to us.

With that, we are actively hunting for a Web Designer. I am certainly amping up my efforts. I have been in contact with a few in the past couple of months who have flaked on me. So now I am going to stay on it until this comes to fruition. Will keep you posted on my progress.

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