Monday, March 30, 2009

World's Greatest Critic Reviews 'Night Before the Wedding'

I have slowly begun to receive feedback on my just completed first feature film, Night Before the Wedding. It has gone out to selected industry folks and the initial response has been positive and supportive.

With some of the feedback, I am trying to figure out the best way to making it public. Just know that we have some very encouraging feedback that will be making it's way to your eyes soon.

I can say that I am thrilled to share this 1st review of Night Before the Wedding from J.C. Macek III otherwise known as the World's Greatest Critic. I still remember our exchange from a few years ago when I submitted my short film, Shoot-Out, to him for his feedback. His reply was essentially, if your film is no good, I am not afraid to tell you so. Send your film at your own risk. Needless to say, he loved Shoot-Out and provided me an amazing review. He also loved my short film, Honey I'm Home.

As I mailed off a copy of Night Before the Wedding, I really had no gauge how he would respond to this latest effort. I figured with how he responded to my two previous films, the odds were in my favor, but you never know. I was nervous. Even as some positive feedback has come in, I still get nervous each time I send the DVD off to someone new.

I believe that is all the suspense I would like to build in this post. I can say that J.C. had some very strong things to say about NBTW. He was quite complimentary. Here are two snippets.

"The truth is that, ultra-indie or not, Branin's third film (and first full-length feature) is a complex and deep work that easily transcends any initial impressions its subject matter might give."

"Branin has written and directed a very smart and subtle film that shows he can make an engrossing and memorable movie."

I certainly encourage you to read the full review. If you do, know that it does contain a few spoilers. Overall the film received 4/5 Stars and J.C. was impressed yet again.

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