Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My First Feature Film Completed!

I've reached the turning point in my film career. When I began this blog back in December I was at the crossroads. Now with mainly polish left on my first feature, Night Before the Wedding, I have reached a new turning point in my life. My ultimate aim is to reach a 'Tipping Point' but to better understand that you would have to read the phenomenal book by Malcolm Gladwell.

For the moment I am going to celebrate this special achievement in my life. This has been the most consuming endeavor I have ever taken on. It blows my mind to think about all the work that has already been put in and even more so how much work is to come.

See what I mean, it is hard for me to take a breath and celebrate this moment. My mind is already drifting ahead. There are several blogs I haven't even typed up yet.

Well, maybe you can help me? If you are reading this blog and you want to help me enjoy this moment, please take a few seconds and offer your words of encouragement and celebration. As part of my celebration I offer up this unreleased photo from the set of Night Before the Wedding.


Brian Erzen said...

Looking forward to seeing it up on the big screen, congrats!

Night said...

Thanks B! Believe the film would play well in front of a larger audience.