Saturday, March 21, 2009

Night Before the Wedding Official Trailer Coming Soon!

My day today included meeting with a Filmmaker who has agreed to cut the Official Trailer for Night Before the Wedding.

This is something I am certainly excited about. The 'Teaser Trailer' we have online was something I wanted to do because it was off the beaten path, was inexpensive to shoot and could be done quickly. I will admit though that it does not fully reflect at all what has become of the final film. I was told today that the Teaser Trailer plays more like Best in Show or Waiting for Guffman. If that is the kind of film you have been anticipating, you are going to be disappointed.

Night Before the Wedding is a full fledged scripted feature that is a great blend of comedy and drama. (And in the not too distant future I should have some reviews that back up that sentiment.)

Movie Trailers are incredibly exciting vehicles in the movie business. To know that within the next few weeks the NBTW Trailer is being worked on gets me pretty pumped up. Trailers are vital to any film's success. No tool is a greater selling instrument. I am excited because many of you who may have been following this film, really haven't been able to gauge what this film is all about. Like I said, the 'Teaser Trailer' doesn't quite do it. Maybe you have seen the Screenshots I have just added online but though they bring you closer, they still not tell the whole story.

I cannot wait!

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